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Crops across the globe rely on irrigation systems from Austria

6 November 2013

The BAUER Group sells its systems in over 90 countries and new production plants in Russia and Brazil are set to drive forward the company's expansion.

The heat wave which hit Central Europe in 2013 once again highlighted the importance of professional water management in the agriculture sector. This not only involves providing crops and plants with water, but providing the right amount at the right time. And this is just what these irrigation systems do. The irrigation technology is made by the BAUER Group , an Austrian company which is present in around 90 countries worldwide. The technology is particularly valuable in dry regions such as Australia and the Middle East; it is also used in places such as the UK, where the rain comes at the wrong time for certain cultivated crops. The problem with “poor” distribution of rain prevails in many countries, such as Laos or Honduras, where BAUER recently reeled in major orders.

In total these Austrian systems currently irrigate around 2.5 million hectares worldwide. The main markets are the Middle East, North and South America, and Europe. In 2013 the BAUER Group launched an investment programme to meet increased demand in the growth markets and is building new plants in Russia and Brazil. Investment is also underway in Austria: EUR 3 million is going to the company’s headquarters, which will include a photovoltaic plant with output of one megawatt.

With its high-tech irrigation and slurry technology, the BAUER Group recently generated annual sales of EUR 167 million, 90% of which came from exports.