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ICT 2016

6 September 2016

Iran Information & Communication Technology Forum, "Investment & Development", 23.-24.10.2016

 Information and communication technology (ICT) has transformed societies into e-societies, e-business, e-healthcare, e-government and so forth and have been substantially developed in many industrial countries. Therefore developing countries need to define a comprehensive & appropriate national strategy if they wish ICT to have a positive impact on their overall socio-economic growth. In case of proper usage of ICT, it can act as the main factor for increasing productivity and sustainability in public administration, communications infrastructure, industry and services. 

Iran has achieved substantial progress in ICT industry during recent years and has a high potential of becoming one of the world's largest economies, hence it has defined a twenty years vision, a plan for long-term sustainable growth. According to this plan, Iran should attain the first rank in economy, science and technology in the region by 2025, keeping pace with the increasingly progressive growth of science.


Establishing infrastructures, supplying adequate financial resources and stabilized national determination could be considered as the crucial factors for materializing the outstanding goals as included in Iran’s 2025 plan. Supreme Council of Information & Communication Technology (SCICT), the highest decision making body in the area of ICT policy making in Iran, under the direct order from the President Roohani ,planned the foundations of National ICT Agenda “TAKFA” as Iran’s road to knowledge-based development.

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ICT 2016