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A video analysis solution for visual monitoring whether protective masks are being worn



22. May 2020

SAIMOS® Video Analytics is a flexible and scalable solution based on 'deep learning' aimed at professional users from a wide range of industries. Use cases include helping to implement social distancing and monitoring the wearing of protective face masks.

Every SAIMOS® Video Analytics module used for video analysis benefits from the highest stability and output quality, with simple configuration, VMS integration (Milestone, SiVeillance) and excellent support.

SAIMOS® is an ONG-IT platform providing a broad spectrum of next-generation security solutions based on AI, video analysis and GIS. An occupancy management option is also available, counting the footfall in shops – the numerical data can be stored over any period of time so that client numbers can be compared with turnover, for example.

After COVID-19, 'no-mask detection' can also be used for customer segmentation via gender/age analysis. Consumer cohorts are identified in the form of metadata; when combined with digital signage systems, targeted advertising can be sent to displays in real time.

The advantage of occupancy and no-mask detection is that these can also continue to be used after COVID.

Independent evaluation of SAIMOS® video analysis by top-flight corporations has confirmed its cutting-edge technology and top quality.

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22. May 2020

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