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121 mining rents revoked

13. March 2014

The Ministry of Energy has revoked 121 mining licenses for the companies that have not fulfilled their obligations.

After an audit ordered by Minister Damian Gjiknuri, it showed that 16% of the total permits do not implement the requirements and do not fulfill the financial obligations. “There are obligations for the environment and financial ones for the rent. There was a 2 million USD damage, part of which has been paid. There are 1 million USD that the subjects owe to the Albanian government.” Gjiknuri declared. The audit process will continue for subjects that operate in the bitumen and copper mines . Parallel to this audit, the Ministry will inspect the concessionary permits of the hydropower plants and the implementation of projects in terrain. “The concession law is clear. The agreements that violate the essential effects will be cancelled” Gjiknuri declared.
In cases when projects have not been implemented yet, Minister Gjiknuri declared that they will create an open race for interested investors.
“A good part of the agreements are simply on papers, by creating a black market that has no perspective, since the terms of these agreements have expired and there are no more buyers. It would be more normal for the state if these licenses would be revoked and start an open race for all interested operators”, Gjiknuri declared.