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EU-Southeast Europe Summit in Vienna

23. September 2016

The 5th EU-Southeast Europe Summit, entitled ‘Exploring Paths to Prosperity’ is due to be held in the Austrian federal capital.

On 5 October, 2016 ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA will be welcoming the renowned economics publishing house The Economist to Vienna for the 5th EU-Southeast Europe Summit on the topic of ‘Exploring Paths to Prosperity’, which they have organised together.

Top-flight decision-makers from the worlds of politics and economics in the countries of Southeast Europe are set to take part in the international EU-Southeast Europe conference at the Austrian Economic Chambers (WKÖ). Delegates are expected to include Austrian and Southeast European politicians, entrepreneurs, managers and experts from the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD) and the European Investment Bank (EIB), academic economists, analysts, representatives of the central banks, researchers and many more.

Participants from all over the world can expect the experts in attendance to provide first-hand, up-to-the-minute analysis and information about Europe and Southeast Europe’s future economic development, promising business models, building up partnerships and potential investment strategies, not to mention the presentation and discussion of solidly researched economic forecasts.