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12th International Label Conference 2018: 21-23 March in Salzburg, Austria

26. February 2018

This year’s International Label Conference is devoted to the European Union’s ‘circular economy’ package and future challenges related to collecting, sorting, recycling – and avoiding – packaging.

The European Union (EU) is working on a ‘circular economy package’. This package will accommodate new EU-wide, statutory goals relating to recycling and waste landfills, for example, as well as incorporating stricter requirements for waste sorting and reduction, with manufacturing companies making a greater contribution to the cost of collecting, sorting and recycling packaging.

These measures will affect all those involved in the delivery chain, from suppliers of raw materials and constituent products to manufacturers of finished goods, brand proprietors and other end users.

The 12th International Label Conference will provide an opportunity for discussion, networking and mutual learning, as delegates share experiences of the possibilities, technologies and current and future challenges involving the industry.

The programme will feature a critique of the ongoing development of EU strategy and discussion of the circular economy package. A more ambitious approach to extended producer responsibility (EPR) will be encouraged with a view to bringing about sustainable use of resources and packaging material in particular.