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Albania, the most agriculture-based economy among EU aspirants

9. January 2015

According to Eurostat, Albania’s agriculture sector remains one oft he key drivers oft he Albanian economy, accounting for 22.2 % oft he GDP and 44.6% of total employment.

Agriculture, a sector which employs around half oft he country’s population but provides only ca. 20% of the GDP, is one oft he least productive sectors in Albania‘ s economy. Although it has been the sector with the most stable growth in the past six global crisis years, the Albanian economy continues remaining largely dependent on agriculture imports, which are around six times higher compared to exports.

Around 500,000 people work in agriculture, of whom 55% are full time and 45% part time.

Experts say that the small size of farms lack of appropriate management of land and agricultural infrastructure make the Albanian agricultural sector more problematic compared to other countries in the region.
Agricultural cooperatives are now legally recognized as joint enterprises created on a voluntary basis, giving the Albanian farmers more opportunities to maximize their production and benefit more in funding from government and financial institutions.