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Road of Arberi  

1. October 2007

We are happy to present an interesting book to you called Road of Arberi

 "Rruga e Arberit" ("Road of Arberi") is the ancient name of Albania or the road which connects Tirana to the eastern regions of Albania, as Peshkopia, Diber and Mat, as well as neighbour regions of Macedonia, Bulgaria, etc.

In the core of the book "Rruga e Arberit", published lately and written by Dr. Faruk Kaba, Albanian Association of Consulting Engineers, are some documents related to the idea of this road, how and when was born this idea and other developments during the years up to the finalization with Feasibility Study, which is the main part of the book.

The book is mainly a technical book, but it should be useful for a larger specter of readers. One factor of interest brought in the book is the connection of Tirana and Durres harbour with the areas of Macedonia, Bulgaria and further, as an alternative or branch of 8th Pan European Corridor.

Three alternatives, from which the second one is the so-called "Road of Arberi", has resulted to be the most feasible, convenient to be financed from the government in the near future.
It is now in the road sector priorities for the Albanian Government.