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Employment Migration Seminar

8 October 2015
8.30 - 9.30 am
TressCox Lawyers Sydney

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A discussion of the issues arising when you employ a non-resident in Australia

Rae Mozejko, Solictor, Employment Law
Silke Koernicke, Special Counsel, Immigration and International Business
TressCox Lawyers

You manage the Australian operations of a foreign corporation. You get an email from your regional sales director, who tells you that she wants to send one of her best and brightest junior executives to work with you in Australia. You respond, “That’s great, put him on the next plane. We could use some extra sales staff”. That’s where you make your first mistake.

Employing foreigners raises questions to which the answers are not immediately obvious.

We will look at the issues as they affect both employers and employees, and ask our panel of experts to share their tips for those just setting out on the foreign employee rollercoaster.

This seminar is for senior management, HR executives and employees of multinational companies.

Numbers are limited, so please book early .

Organised by:
Finland Australia Chamber of Commerce

Supported by:
Austrian Chamber in Australia
Danish Connect
French Australian Chamber of Commerce
German Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce
Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce
Portuguese Australian Chamber of Commerce
Norwegian Australian Business Network
Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce