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Austrian technology helps Australians fight fat

Austrian technology helps Australians fight fat © ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA


13 October 2008

Hypoxi GmbH's ground-breaking weight loss technology heralds a new era for Australians looking to shift stubborn fat or get rid of unsightly cellulite 

On the back of 30 years of research into weight loss, Dr Norbert Egger of Salzburg-based Hypoxi GmbH developed a range of figure-shaping equipment that accelerates the fat-burning process by combining physical exercise with stimulated blood flow to those areas of the body that store hard-to-lose fat, such as the stomach, bottom and thighs.

Hypoxi Australia Pty Ltd has been distributing Hypoxi equipment throughout Australia and New Zealand since 2004, after its founder lost 18kg at a Hypoxi studio in London and vowed to share the secret of the treatment with her fellow Australians.

Now, with over 33 Hypoxi studios in Australia alone, Australians can join singer Robbie Williams and local radio identity Bianca Dye in enjoying the benefits of a treatment that promises to shrink the circumference of the targeted body area three times more than conventional exercise.  

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