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Austrian LED specialist EnFiBa is lighting up the world

Illuminated street with EnFiBa logo © EnFiBa GmbH

© EnFiBa GmbH

17 August 2010

LED is the ultimate energy-saving technology of the future. And a trailblazing Austrian company is showing just how it works.

The worldwide market for LED (light emitting diodes) is experiencing rapid growth and an Austrian lighting technology company, EnFiBa , is also reaping the rewards. The energy consultants, who specialise in LED technology, have glowing sales figures, particularly in Austria and Eastern Europe. After two years of pioneering LED work in Austria and Eastern Europe, EnFiBa wants to increase its workforce from 8 to 25 members of staff and to increase revenue threefold, from EUR 5m to 15m.

The global run on LEDs should come as no surprise given that the technology allows energy savings of around 70% to 90%. Light emitting diodes are also much more environmentally friendly than neon tubes and have an array of applications from street lighting to car headlights. Replacing 1,000 neon tubes with LED leads to annual electricity savings of around EUR 32,000 in addition to 114t CO2 and 2.8t sulphur.

EnFiBa’s has customers such as municipalities, businesses, shopping centres and application areas such as parking lots, office buildings, industrial plants, street lighting and floodlit facilities in its sights. The business potential is massive: experts predict that over the next 10 to 15 years 80% of all lighting will employ this technology in Europe alone.

The immediate growth market for EnFiBa is CEE, where an energetic expansion strategy is in place, for example in Romania, Poland and Serbia. The company is also implementing new business models in Austria such as LED contracting. With this, the bank provides the initial financing to enable customers to change to LED. The savings from the energy costs that are generated by this technology are then used to pay back the instalments on the loan.

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