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Riedel Glas set for global growth

Riedel Sommelier's Series © Riedel Glas

© Riedel Glas

28 September 2010

As one of the world's most famous manufacturers of quality glassware, the family-run Austrian company wants to win over the Chinese market one step at a time.

The Austrian company Riedel Glas has remained in the hands of the family since it was founded in 1756. Over the years the name has become synonymous with the art of glassmaking. In 2004 Riedel acquired 100% of shares in the German firm F.X. Nachtmann Bleikristall GmbH and its competitor, Spiegelau. Since that time the brands Riedel, Nachtmann and Spiegelau have gone under the name Riedel Glass Works. As one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of quality glassware, the company sells a multitude of different designs and production series including glasses for champagne, wine, water and spirits as well as decanters and accessories.

With branch offices in Australia, Great Britain, Japan, Canada and the USA, to name but a few, Riedel Glas is considered one of the world’s leading producers of glass series with specific forms for bringing out the best in various wines and spirits. Riedel Glass Works employs 1,200 staff to produce around 50 million glasses per year and exports account for around 97%. The most important export market is the USA followed by the euro zone.

But this is by no means the limit of its expansion plans. Business in China is being developed and the first office is opening in Shanghai. The steadily growing middle class is extremely brand-savvy and not indifferent to the appeal of quality wines. In addition to Shanghai, the focus is also on Peking and 200 other cities with a population of over one million where the company intends to expand step-by-step through distributors and franchise shops.