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10 April 2018

Construction is currently underway for the former Coca Cola Production Plant in Vienna to be transformed into a new Biotope City District.  The principles of a Biotope City encompass the concepts of the “Sustainable City” and the “Green City”. 

The new Biotope District project strives to narrow the divide between city and nature, as well as manage the ever-increasing challenges of climate change, environmental pollution and other societal challenges through urban greening.

After completion of this project, the former 5.4 hectare Coca Cola Production Plant will be a green residential area comprising around 900 apartments, office spaces, shops, a school and kindergarten.  In addition, the new neighbourhood district will provide its residents with generous open spaces, rooftop swimming pools, play areas for children and communal gardening areas.

This building project was envisioned by the late Austrian architect Harry Glück, who was inspired by the Foundation Biotope City to design a green district that simultaneously tackles environmental problems, while also improving the well-being of its inhabitants.  Benefits of green urban spaces include the reduction of temperatures, CO2 levels and fine particulate matter, as well as an increase in biodiversity, rainwater retention and effective roof insulation.

Construction of this project is set to finish in 2019.

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10 April 2018