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4 October 2018

"Regionality" - The new buzz word amongst conscious consumers

Whilst Australia has witnessed exponential growth in the demand for organic products over the past decade, Austrian consumers have already moved on to the next phase. The new buzz word: Regionality.

In a globalised world where even the most exotic fruits and food trends from all around the globe are readily available throughout the year, Austrians consciously choose regional products over those sourced from far away, thus supporting the local economy and reducing their ecological footprint. And of course, regional products are much tastier due to their freshness and seasonality.

Regional products can be defined as “products from the region for the region”, meaning that they are cultivated, harvested, processed and sold all within a particular geographical area - A major benefit for consumers who are increasingly demanding transparency with regards to “what" they buy and “where” it comes from. Rather than doing the weekly "one-stop shop" in the supermarket, we see consumers taking up the opportunity to visit local farmers and producers, thus strengthening their trust in the products and developing a bond with the suppliers.

Austria is particularly rich in regional culinary delicacies dating back many centuries. In an initiative to pay tribute to these extraordinary products and assist local producers market their specialties, AgrarMarkt Austria in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management launched the so-called “Genussregion Österreich ” (which translates into "indulgence region Austria"). The range of products that fall under this exclusive brand include all kinds of meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, herbs, cheese, milk, juices, oil and even world renowned wines and liquors. 

Traditionally, Austrians used to buy regional products from local markets or directly from the farm. Nowadays even supermarkets dedicate entire shelves to regional and seasonal products. In addition, more and more "zero waste" grocery stores are popping up, which do not stock any packaged products whatsoever. Rather than finding big brand names, the eco-conscious customer has to bring along their own reusable containers to buy unpackaged products from mainly regional suppliers. Austria’s first "unpackaged" grocery store Lunzers Maß-Greißlerei opened in Vienna in 2014. Many more have followed, also outside the capital city, such as “das Gramm ” and “das Dekagramm ”, both of which recently opened their doors in Graz.

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4 October 2018