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Ergonomic furniture for the home promoting health and relaxation

10 April 2018

Promoting health, greater physical relaxation and more comfortable use of devices are no longer strictly concerns of the workplace but are increasingly spreading into other areas, particularly our own homes. Everyday objects are being designed with comfort and health in mind, with furnitures’ like sofas, chairs, beds, mattresses, and kitchens, playing a significant role here.

Manufacturers are constantly faced with the challenge of designing furniture that meets specific ergonomic requirements while also being aesthetically pleasing. Austrian manufacturers hence are showing their expertise in this area, creating seats with clean lines that are both ergonomic and modern in their design. Ergonomically designed seating allows the body to move freely, which in turn relieves pressure on the spine. This is why chairs at home – even that favorite armchair – are being chosen according to back-friendly criteria. 

Ergonomics can also offer some relief when working in the kitchen – a good, comfortable posture makes cooking more relaxing. Convenient arrangement of kitchen equipment and kitchen utensils also helps provides extra comfort. Frequently used items should be quick and easy to reach, and there should be plenty of room next to the hob for food preparation. Austrian manufacturers use many innovative ideas to address these requirements. Bespoke kitchens with various levels and fully extendable drawers for storing and retrieving pans easily, through to height-adjustable kitchens, create the ideal ergonomic environment in which to cook. 

Companies like Team 7, ADA, Sedda and Ewe all strive to make this happen for you and your health.

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10 April 2018