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Foodie News from good old Austria: Spot that wave of veganism

9 April 2018

Veganism is on the rise. What once was merely a niche market segment, forming around a bunch of environmental activists, dusted off the esoteric image and now, goes mainstream. Austria is the epicentre of innovation in the vegan foodie and lifestyle industry. This movement is mainly driven by Veganisters. They are millennials living a sustainable, plant-based lifestyle with a strong moral and ethical viewpoint.

Many Austrian bloggers dedicated their work to #goingvegan, embracing not only the dietary changes but a lifestyle makeover. Veganism not as a fashionable trend but as a key to sustainable living. The three main reasons for #goingvegan are environmental concerns, animal welfare and increased health consciousness. Vegan Planet tries to spread the word via fairs that tour through Austria, promoting the vegan lifestyle and introducing new trends. Vegan restaurants such as Landina or a specialized delivery service (Rita bringt’s ) offer regional, organic vegan dishes that make it easy to forget the steak and sausages. Big supermarket chains like Spar and Billa spotted their opportunity to develop the niche market segment that in former terms relied on shopping at the organic stores and introduced a plant-based product line. One of the most renown Austrian chocolate fabricators, Zotter , expanded their product portfolio, offering alternatives made of coconut milk or soy milk. 

Two sisters from Vienna, themselves vegan advocates, teamed up to bring the first vegan ice cream shop (Veganista ) to the Austrian capital. Vegini is your brand if you ever end up craving for a Wiener Schnitzel or minced meat. Good thing? It is made out of peas – so indulge.

Veganisters, however, embrace the plant based lifestyle to the fullest. It does not stop after altering the food choices, but just begins there. Vegan leather bags? At muso koroni you will find these next to vegan dishes and vegan clothes. Vegan shoes? Veganova is dominating the niche shoe market in Austria. The Viennese label Bahatika is a new, stylish shoe brand offering alternatives to the hippie footwear of former times. Another stylish accessory is going to be the “Pfleder” bracelet. According to Hirsch’s CEO Kohlmayr they are developing vegan leather made out of leaves. 

Last but not least – the ripples of veganism caught the cosmetic industry as well. Pure Skinn Food was developed by two women who constantly struggled to find vegan cosmetics that is skin-friendly. Therefore, they simply created their own brand. 

Austria seems to be the hub of new ideas and trends when it comes to the plant based lifestyle. Even though only 9 % of the Austrian habitants are declared vegans, the movement is inspiring businessmen, Veganisters and creative heads alike. In business the top priority is to spot new trends. Well, here you go, vegan news from good old Austria. Be part of it. Go and catch that wave of veganism! 

Article by Tanja Gruber  

Last modified
9 April 2018