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Vienna: The Medical Technology Hub of Europe

22 November 2019

As true in 1780 as in 2019: Vienna is Europe’s most important hub for the pharma industry

Looking at Europe, Vienna is an important hub for the global pharmaceutical and biotech industry. More than 240 medical device companies are located in the city. These companies generate around
EUR 3.4 Billion (= AUD 5.5 Billion) in revenue and employ roughly 8,890 people. CEO Joern Aldag from Kookipa Pharma stated that Vienna provides a highly dynamic environment on an international scale and increases the industry’s capacity to innovate.

Big companies like ABF , member of GBA Group Pharma , Boehringer Ingelheim or Technoclone GmbH are investing in new production facilities in Vienna. For example, Boerhringer Ingelheim is going to invest € 700 million in new biopharmaceutical production facilities located in Vienna. Technoclone GmbH is even working on doubling its production capacities in Vienna.

Austria’s capital is also on the forefront of innovations like additive manufacturing of medical objects. UpNano GmbH , for example, developed a high-resolution 3D printing system that enables new standards in micro part fabrication. The city also hosts a growing start-up community in the Medtech sector with a strong focus on digital health solutions. These young companies are often very interested in the internationalisation and are always looking for international trading partners to market their products worldwide.

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22 November 2019