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Loudspeaker membranes from Austria

14 October 2014

One in three of the world's smartphones contains a product from the 4a technology group. But that's not all, their products for testing automotive safety systems are also highly sought after.

The 4a Technology Group is a technology-oriented group of companies with a focus on plastics technology and polymers. Starting out as a spin-off from Montanuniversität Leoben, the 4a group has become a key supplier to the mobile telephony industry. Around 70 employees now work for the group’s five corporate divisions.

One key revenue generator is Cimera – a loudspeaker membrane with the advantage that it is thinner than the competitors. The loudspeaker membrane from Austria is now found in around 1.8 bn of the smartphones produced every year throughout the world, with exports accounting for over 90%.

Another crucial earner is 4active Systems ; the 4a division responsible for developing and manufacturing equipment and dummy products for testing automotive safety systems. The company manufactures dummies and equipment from lightweight materials and fibre composites. International automotive companies such as BMW, Toyota, Daimler and VW, among others, rely on these products.