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GLOCK Perfection

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17 November 2014

The best pistols you can buy

Hopefully, you will never look down the barrel of a  pistol drawn by an  Australian or New Zealand police officer. If you ever do, there is a very good chance you are looking down the barrel of a pistol made in Austria.

Glock pistols have been manufactured in Austria since 1963 and used by armed forces and law enforcement organizations all over the world. The big success, especially of the semi-automatic “Safe Action” pistol, can be attributed mainly to minimum weight and innovative safety features which make the pistol easy to operate and give it unmatched reliability.

In Australia and New Zealand, the Glock Group is represented by NIOA, the leading privately owned supplier and supporter of weapon systems in these countries. NIOA has recently opened a new impressive, AUD 25 million facility at Brisbane Airport. Glock and NIOA have enjoyed a long and successful partnership with more than 50,000 Glock pistols currently in service in the Australian/ New Zealand law enforcement and military community.