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Meet our Austrian exhibitors at FINE FOOD 2016: Grander Wasserbelebung

26 August 2016

The discovery of water revitalization by Johann Grander more than 30 years ago has now gone global. Original GRANDER® water revitalization enhances the very special natural characteristics and strengths of water. Water that has been treated in this way is distinguished by its greater microbiological stability and resilience, more refined taste and by the way it leaves the skin feeling great.

The particular strength of GRANDER® water revitalization lies in stabilizing the microbiology so that chemical/cleaning agent use is reduced, odour emissions, sludge build-up, microbial contamination and algae formation are lessened, biofilm formation is curbed and corrosiveness and deposition decrease.

Grander has successfully been active in the Australian market for many years. For more information, please visit the Grander website .