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healthification and hippie hipsters – Foodie News from good old Austria 

29 August 2017

It’s all about the origin. #local #organic #madeinAustria #handmade. Whether you scroll through Austrian-based Instagrammers or stroll through Vienna or Innsbruck you will notice that simply shopping or serving organic food is not enough. Sustainability is on the rise, especially with the hipsterfication of Austria’s foodie scene. You are what you eat – a beloved one-liner that seems to be the key phrase for the changing food industry. Supermarkets, restaurants, food-festivals and even fast food chains start putting emphasis on local products.

According to the phrase “You don’t have to venture far if the good is near”, big supermarket corporations like Hofer , Spar and MPreis establish local-organic brands such as “Zurück zum Ursprung” or “Spar Natur*pur” that stretch the importance of GM-free, additive-free and chemical-synthetic pesticides-free products for a sustainable lifestyle. Mpreis encourages their customers to buy local products by rewarding them with various incentives ranging from a ten percent discount to a free cup of coffee in their cafés. Spar tries to bridge the gap between customer and producer with telling the stories behind the established, organic firms they cooperate with. 

McDonalds Austria was one of the first fast food chains to jump on this wagon. The rebranding comes with a green logo and products made in Austria – partnerships with local, Austrian farmers that supply everything - from meat to milk. Slow-food cafés , pop-up restaurants & co pride themselves for using regional, organic produces, homemade marmalade, cakes based on grandmother’s favorite recipes. Gourmet chefs reinvent traditional Austrian cuisine and sell it as Alpine Cuisine, highlighting the good quality products Austrian farmers offer. 

The trend also inspires farmers and chefs to perform at their best and create new products. An Upper Austrian bee-keeper produces organic bee caviar . Main ingredients are male drones. It is rich with unsaturated fat and has a nutty flavor to it. Tobias Müller – a renown chef in Styria – uses sweet lupines, wheat and mould to produce a sauce that is regarded as a delicious, Austrian equivalent to soy sauce . Behind All I Need – is the idea of two Austrian guys creating refreshing energy drinks without any additives. This is why they combined sencha green tea, acai, aronia, agave syrup and ginger together to produce a sugar free and super-food-based energy drink. Another trend in the breakfast-porridge department offers Verival. Their savory vegan porridges (tomato-pumpkin or leek-onion ) are popular especially amongst the Austrian Blogger community. 

After years of buzzing wanderlust in Austria’s foodie scene the trend is definitely back to the roots, dusting of old classics while reinterpreting them. Made IN Austria FOR Austria. Simple as that.  

By Tanja Gruber