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Austria – A leader in the global economy

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8 August 2005

Austria ranked ninth in the world in 2005 Globalisation Index. 

The annual “2005 Globalisation Index”, issued by A.T. Kearney, was recently released showing Austria is a clear leader in terms of globalisation.

The index ranked Austria in ninth position, which is much higher than many other European countries such as France in 18th and Germany in 21st position.

The index measures globalisation in relation to the economy, technology, political and personal situation of a country. These criteria consider the signing of international conventions/treaties, availability of technology, amount of foreign investment and trade, as well as the amount of tourism and communications flowing in and out of each country.

Austria achieved its best result in the category “political engagement”, ranking second after Portugal. This category measures membership in international organisations, contributions to peacekeeping missions, international treaties ratified and governmental transfers. The authors of the study emphasised Austria’s signing of important international agreements and participation in UN peacekeeping missions.

In the category “economic integration” Austria climbed from 25th to 10th place, mainly due to increased direct investment. The country also leapt to 5th place in the category “social integration”, primarily as a result of its strong tourist sector.

More information regarding this index can be found on theA.T. Kearney website .