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"Rot-weiß-Rot" card offers better chances for immigrants in Austria

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1. April 2012

Since July 1, 2011 the "Rot-Weiß-Rot" Card (red-white-red card) exists in Austria. It was designed to contravene the lack of highly qualified workers.

According to a survey of Ernst & Young, one out of four Austrian companies sees itself confronted with a lack of highly qualified employees and feels it as rather impossible to recruit such employees from the Austrian employment market.

The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber therefore initiated the so-called „Rot-Weiß-Rot“ card which should assist high potentials of non-EU member states to participate in the Austrian employment market.

According to a special scheme, points are given to each applicant, taking into consideration amongst other factors his or her education, professional experience, knowledge of languages and age.

The Austrian government now adopted this idea and it came into force on July 1, 2011. As Bulgarian citizens are still treated the same way as non-EU citizens until 2013, this card is also a chance for Bulgarian high potentials to work in Austria.

The advantages of this concept are clear:

  • Top qualified immigrants who reached the required points can now stay in Austria to apply for jobs over a period of six month, even though they do not have a job offer yet.
  • High or medium qualified immigrants can come to Austria, when they reach the minimum point requirements in the scheme and the Austrian need of employees cannot be satisfied by the Austrian employment market. In 2012, more job categories with want of high potentials will be determined.
  • Immigrants, who graduated from an Austrian University, can be employed immediately after their graduation, if they have a relevant job offer with a minimum salary of EUR 1.890 per month.

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