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27. September 2011

TODOR ALEXANDROV OFFICES is a new office project in the center of Sofia. It offers tenants an excellent comfortable business environment in line with European standards and professional property management.

The investor behind the project is the ERSTE GROUP IMMORENT AG, the leasing and real estate specialist of Erste Group, a leading financial service provider in Austria and CEE/SEE.

TODOR ALEXANDROV OFFICES is located on Todor Alexandrov Blvd., at the crossing with Bulgarska Morava Street. The project is in close proximity to the city center in an area dedicated as the new business district of Sofia. Todor Alexandrov Blvd. provides direct and fast access to "Independence" Square where most government institutions are located.

TODOR ALEXANDROV OFFICES has a total rentable area of 6,470 sq.m distributed over ten floors, including a ground level with retail and service areas. The offices are located on 9 floors with 660 sq.m net rentable area per floor. The smallest rentable units are of 300 sq.m. The building has three underground levels with 72 parking spaces.

The installation of the façade of the new office building TODOR ALEXANDROV OFFICES is complete. What catches the eye is its clear cut generalized form. The composition of the facade elements is simple and logical while the colour accents break the impression of monotony and sameness.

The concept behind ​​the façade design is it to make it dynamic at different times of day through fine interpretation of light. During the day the effect is achieved by means of the detail of the dense parts - "shadow box", or play of shadows, achieved by folding the outer sheet metal closing the element. Thus each dense element has a different thickness in its two parts, but at the point of refraction of the light it casts a shadow that changes delicately throughout the day. At night some of the red-coloured elements will glow from within through built-in LED panels. The lighting program is controlled by a software application that allows the "scenario" of the light to periodically change.

The facade interior offers excellent conditions for work – plenty of light, a sense of spaciousness, a quiet and enjoyable atmosphere, but the greatest advantage of the office spaces is the view they offer to the city centre of Sofia and the dynamically developing Todor Alexandrov Blvd.

The project will be completed in December this year.

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