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Building (for) the future: Austria is setting new global standards

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26. July 2011

Sustainability is the topic on everyone's lips, especially in the construction industry: companies from Austria have a long tradition and thirst for innovation in this field, along with extensive expertise, as highlighted in the latest edition of FRESH VIEW (formerly: Austria Export).

Building (for) the future involves incorporating sustainability issues at every stage of the planning and execution processes on construction projects. Efficient use of raw materials and energy to preserve resources is just as crucial as reducing pollution and waste materials which are a by-product of the process.

Wood is one example of a renewable material which has been undergoing a renaissance in the construction industry and its versatile properties have led to its broad use in modern functional buildings. Many companies are heavily involved in research in order to develop new construction technologies and innovative materials. Numerous Austrian SMEs (small and medium enterprises) pinpointed this demand early on and have used it as an opportunity. Environmental issues are also closely connected here, along with the use of renewable energy for heating, hot water, ventilation and cooling.

There is particularly strong demand for Austrian expertise in the area of renovation and rehabilitation as well as for challenging construction projects, for example in structural steel engineering, tunnel construction or building high up in the mountains. It is precisely thanks to this interplay of different areas that Austria has grown into a specialist in sustainable construction technology over the last 20 years.

Comprehensive information on these issues as well as on Austria’s construction industry, its companies and its products, can be found in latest issue of FRESH VIEW (formerly: Austria Export):

FRESH VIEW on the construction industry of the future, No 145/2011