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4th European Consultantsʼ Cooperation Forum (ECCF) 20th November 2009, in Vienna, Austria

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© Austrian International Consultants (AIC)

21. October 2009

International experts from 20 countries will attend the 4th European Consultants’ Cooperation Forum to discuss how internationally active consultants can overcome the challenges of balancing economic success with adherence to ethical principles.

The 4th European Consultants’ Cooperation Forum will be organised by the Austrian International Consultants (AIC) and held on 20th November in Vienna City Hall. Experts from the fields of architecture, engineering, corporate consulting, economics and legal firms will show the growing importance of knowledge-based services as an industry sector in Europe.

The topic of this year’s event, entitled “Profit and Principles - Ethical ways to sustainable success for consultants” deals with the need to balance moneymaking with adherence to ethical principles in times of economic crisis. The aim of the 4th ECCF is to show how ethical approaches can be the key to sustainable success.

Detailed information on the programme, accommodation and registration can be found on the event website .

* AIC an initiative from go-international (Ministry of Economics, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber)

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