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Rail Cargo Austria (RCA) starts a revolutionary transport system

Rail Cargo Austria
18. June 2010

Rail Cargo Austria (RCA) shifts semi-trailers to rail – the ISU-Express takes them from Wels to the Turkish Border

On the 19th of June Rail Cargo Austria launches the new transport service ISU, which is the German abbreviation of innovative intermodal traffic of semi-trailers. With this novel system, developped by RCA, even semi-trailers which can't be craned can be switched to rail transport. ÖKOMBI, a part of RCA, will bring this new system to the market. "With the ISU-system, which is unique in Europe, RCA set off a new chance to shift transport by truck to rail – an effective way to save the world's climate. The ISU-service started in June is the result of our innovation and offers an environment friendly transport alternative between Asia Minor and Central Europe, announces Friedrich Macher, CEO of Rail Cargo Austria AG.

One shuttle within two weeks

The research program in cargo transport, which is promoted by the EU-Program CREAM, starts with two train shuttles per month. The ISU-Express needs 57 hours on its way from Wels to Stara Zogara in the South of Bulgaria, a distance of 1.800 kilometers. The train consists of 15 doubled pocket wagons and can carry up to 30 non-craneable semi-trailers. In case of high market demand the service can be increased to four train shuttles per month. ISU is a link between piggyback transport ("Rollende Landstraße"; ROLA) and unaccompanied combined transport systems. "85 per cent of the semi-trailers used in Europe can't be moved by cranes and could not be carried by rail without its tractor truck until now. With the ISU-System we can provide an attractive and environment friendly transport solution for switching road transport to rail even for this segment", Franz Dirnbauer, director of ÖKOMBI, says delightedly.

Own production until the South of Bulgaria

With the ISU-Express, ÖKOMBI first of all wants to target huge Austrian, German and Turkish forwarding companies. "We see a market demand and we are optimistic about the utilisation", says Mr.Dirnbauer. The ISU-train will be open for all shipping companies and will be routed from Stara Zagora to Wels via Romania and Hungary. RCA has a certificate for railway operations and own production in all four countries, which means that the ISU-Express is operated exclusively by RCA or subsidiary companies with own locomotives of the ÖBB company over the whole distance.

RCA - Hub to Central and Eastern Europe

Austria is located in the middle of Europe. Rail Cargo Austria has taken advantage of this topographical situation and is the second largest freight railway undertaking in Europe nowadays, in the CEE-Region RCA is number one. By launching the ISU-Express, RCA provides all freight transport companies a new chance for effiency and environment protection in changing of goods between Europe and Minor Asia.