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Your advert could be on this lawn – using printed landscapes made in Upper Austria by Pixelrunner

pixelrunner © pixelrunner

© pixelrunner

5. November 2019

Big sporting events like Formula 1, American football, tennis tournaments, football world cups, marathons or the Olympic Games all feature large-scale advertising printed on the ground. Such services usually involve several days’ work for whole teams who create template sheets by hand for the final design. A new company from Hagenberg in Upper Austria is now turning whole landscapes into advertising hoardings, quickly, and to a high level of quality and cost efficiency.

The Pixelrunner, manufactured by Pixelrunner GmbH , is the world’s first outdoor printing robot. Completely automated, it prints logos or images of any size required - all the way up to surfaces as wide as several football pitches – directly onto the ground beneath it, whether it be grass, snow or asphalt.

With a printing speed of 50 m2/minute, the Pixelrunner is able to create any design in a process that is quick, efficient and environmentally-friendly. The process from graphic design to robot is entirely digitalised and the printing process is controlled and monitored via a tablet.

The robot’s certified eco-friendliness is absolutely central: the robot can print advertising motifs of varying durability on substrates such as grass, snow or asphalt. Its prime directive is its certified eco-friendliness; the robot runs exclusively on electric power, and waste has been almost completely eliminated, which is a key differentiator from other printing methods like canvas sheeting or netting, and the associated fixing technology. (canvas sheeting or netting, including all the fixing technology).

Rooted in Upper Austria – used around the world: 2019 saw Upper Austria’s Export Center OÖ join forces for the second time with hub,ert, the Upper Austrian non-profits network, and ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA in search of the best international start-ups. From all the applications, 15 from Upper Austria won awards in the Hottest International Start-ups category.

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