Trade mission "Carinthia - Belarus"

  • Minsk
From 9 to 12 May 2017, the Trade mission of Austrian companies will visit Minsk headed by Mr. Jürgen MANDL, the President of the Economic Chamber of Carinthia, and Mr. Christian BENGER, the Regional Minister for Economics of Carinthia. The visit will be organized in cooperation with the Minsk Region Executive Committee and the Minsk Department of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Austrian business delegation will include about ten Austrian companies from various industry sectors. The aim of the Trade Mission is to extend the trade & investment relations between Austria and Belarus, to present the Austrian companies as reliable long-term commercial partners for Belarusian enterprises, as well to showcase Austrian expertise in sectors such as industrial machinery, engineering, energy, environmental protection technologies and restaurant business.

On May 11, B2B Meetings with the visiting Austrian companies will be organized in collaboration with the Minsk Department of the Belarusian Commerce and Industry Chamber. To attend the event and engage direct bilateral negotiations with the participating Austrian firms, potentially interested Belarusian companies and institutional partners should address a filled-in application form (details below) before the 27.04.2017 to the Austrian Commercial Office Minsk at the E-mail for further scheduling coordination.

The exhaustive list of participating Austrian companies, with detailed description of their profiles in Russian, and the application form for the Belarusian partners are available for download under the following links:

List of participating Austrian companies (in Russian)

Application form for Belarusian partners (DOCX, 0.2MB)

Meet 4 Austrian companies

    • Participating companies


    Bären Batterie GmbH was founded in 1939 and has, for several years, been part of the FIAMM / HITACHI Group, one of the largest producers of industrial batteries worldwide. Bären Industrie Batterie GmbH is the logistics and competence centre for FIAMM industrial batteries and responsible for distribution in the ...

  • Glaunach GmbH

    Glaunach GmbH produces industrial silencers for safety and control valves in power stations and industrial plants. The silencers are manufactured to meet project-specific requirements and used for blowing off compressed gases or superheated steam. They ensure that suddenly occurring blowoff noises are reduced to ...