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Austria is increasing its R&D expenditure


Austria’s 2019 research ratio of 3.19% has once again exceeded Europe’s target quota for 2020.

Statistics Austria estimates for 2019 suggest that Austrian expenditure on research and experimental development (R&D) will rise by 4.5% to a total of EUR 12.8 billion, representing a research ratio of 3.19% gross domestic product (GDP).

Private companies will be footing the bill for the largest share of this investment, spending EUR 6.3 billion (49%), followed by the public sector on EUR 4.5 billion (34.9%). The private non-profit sector is set to contribute EUR 77 million (0.6%). The remaining R&D outlay will come from abroad (15.6% or EUR 2 billion), principally from international companies whose local subsidiaries are conducting research in Austria.

Austria’s research quota has risen dramatically over the last few years and has topped 3% every year since 2014.

Austria’s research outlay leaves it in 2nd place among the EU countries (international comparison figures for 2017), with only Sweden (3.40%) spending more on R&D. The average research quota among the 28 states in the EU in 2017 is 2.06%.

Among the major economies outside Europe, R&D spending in South Korea, at 4.55% of GDP, is more than twice as high as in the European Union. Also, Japan (3.2%), the USA (2.79%) and China (2.13%) achieve significantly higher R&D ratios than Europe.