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Architecture and Interior - Field Research Tour

13. June 2013 - 14. June 2013

Christoph Simetzberger, Thomas Strecker Leitner
+45 33 11 14 12

Event details

13. June 2013 - 14. June 2013B.31;B.21;B.13;B.54Architecture and Interior - Field Research Tour
Havnebroen, Copenhagen

Danish architecture and design has been internationally well known over decades. A continuous stream of new talents encure Denmark's position in the world elite.

Advantage Austria Copenhagen organizes a two day trip from 13th – 14th June 2013 focusing on Danish architecture in Copenhagen.

A boat trip through the harbour, a visit to the Danish architecture center, a tour through Amager and Ørestad, a visit to the major urban development sites of Copenhagen and the involvement of Danish architects and consultants will give the Austrian visitors a good firsthand insight in the Danish architectural scene and the first contacts - and perhaps it might lead to a new project or co-operations with Austrian architects on the spot in Denmark - like the Aalborg Musikhus where the Austrian company Coop Himmelb(l)au was involved or the bicykelbridge at Nyhavn by the Austrian Feichtinger Architects.

For more information on the trip please contact Christoph Simetzberger or Thomas Strecker Leitner.