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Building of hospitals in Denmark

3. February 2014 - 4. February 2014

Event details

3. February 2014 - 4. February 2014B.30;B.47;B.49;B.36;B.46Building of hospitals in Denmark

Austrian Experts to visit major Danish hospital projects early February

At present Denmark has 16 new hospital projects in planning. The projects are meant to present the state-of-the-art within hospital building. Systems and solutions made by foreign companies are to be taken into consideration in the planning process.

To facilitate the presentation of Austrian products and solutions ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA organizes a market field trip for a delegation of experts from the Austrian hospital building sector.

The Austrian delegation will visit major hospital projects in Copenhagen, Odense and Køge to learn about these. At the same time they will present Austrian hospital building solutions in B2B talks. To learn more about the Austrian companies please click the participants links above.

If you need more information about the trip please don’t hesitate to contact Christoph Simetzberger at ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA in Copenhagen.