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Leading position: Austria is one of the EU's richest countries

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8. July 2010

Retaining its position from last year, Austria took fourth place behind Luxembourg, Ireland and the Netherlands for GDP per inhabitant in 2009.

According to the latest figures from Eurostat, Austria is the fourth richest country in the EU. Gross domestic product (GDP) – measured in terms of Purchasing Power Standard – was 24% higher in Austria last year than the average across the whole EU. As in the past, Luxembourg is the Union’s richest country, with GDP per head amounting to 268% of the EU-27 average.

Joining Luxembourg ahead of Austria in the EU ranking were Ireland and the Netherlands with GDP per inhabitant of 31% and 30% above the EU average in 2009. The GDP per inhabitant of Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, Germany and Belgium was reported as between 15% and 20% above the average.

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