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Automotive and Aerospace Industries: Austrian expertise setting new global standards

Automotive and Aerospace, Austria Export Nr 144 © ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA


21. December 2010

Mobility is a subject which has fascinated people since time began. It is therefore hardly surprising that people constantly strive for improvements in this field. Planning, construction and further development of innovative solutions in this sector have been ongoing in Austria for decades.

Austria’s automotive industry is one of the country’s most important economic drivers. But Austrian companies are not only technological leaders in the motor-vehicle industry and automotive supplies, the country also has highly specialised high-tech manufacturers in the aviation and space sectors: from firms which supply technology to NASA and manufacturers of small aircraft right through to producers of unmanned drones.

The small domestic market means that Austrian companies had to position themselves on the global market early on and maintain their position with high quality, cutting-edge products. High investment in research and development has even led some companies to become global market leaders: they know their market intimately and take into account the needs of their partners.

Automotive and aerospace products and services have become important export pillars for the Austrian economy. The multifaceted requirements of the foreign markets and the massive demand for innovative technologies and modern designs represent a challenging backdrop for the industry.

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Automotive and Aerospace, Austria Export Nr 144

Automotive and Aerospace