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Austria named as European leader in e-Government

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21. February 2011

The European Commission has once again confirmed Austria's leading position in the latest eGovernment Ranking 2010.

The EU Commission has evaluated eGovernment services in Europe for the 9th time. Here Austria managed to defend its leading international role, once again taking the top spot. In terms of availability and service, Austria succeeded in achieving 100%.

eGovernment improves access to authorities and cuts costs. Using the electronic range available in Austria reduces a lot of time-consuming official channels and is equivalent to around 100 official contact centres which would need to be open round-the-clock for 2 months in order to handle the same demand.

Austria has acted as a trailblazer in the field of electronic administration for many years now. The optimal coordination of all administrative processes is the reason why eGovernment has been such a success. Recently Austrian companies have also enjoyed great success on foreign markets with this expertise and highly refined technical solutions.

Continuous innovation is necessary to maintain this lead. The “mobile signature” model is being developed in Austria as part of an EU programme. This allows users to access electronic service offers from the administration with great convenience from their mobile phones. This marks yet another innovative step from Austria towards even more efficient eGovernment.