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Socialspiel launches Legacy Quest

13. October 2015

The Austrian specialists in social and mobile game development have soft launched their latest Action Role-Playing Game in 14 countries.

Socialspiel , a company specialising in social games and mobile games, is about to make its first major international début.

In partnership with NEXON Korea, the innovative Action Role-Playing Game "Legacy Quest" will have its global launch in November. There has already been a soft launch for Android Smartphones in selected countries such as Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, India, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland. The iOS version is now on the market. 

The Action Role-Playing Game "Legacy Quest" casts gamers in the role of a proud line of customizable heroes. The thrilling adventure takes gamers through ever larger dungeons in a unique, highly stylized fantasy universe. Dungeons, monsters and loot are all waiting to be discovered and conquered by the heroes.

Socialspiel is an award-winning gaming company and development studio and was founded  in 2010 in Vienna by former employees of Rockstar. Boundless talent and enthusiasm allows them to realise their goal of developing original, entertaining mobile games, which are exclusively published by NEXON, the Korean free-to-play pioneer.

Legacy Quest © NEXON Korea Corporation

Legacy Quest © NEXON Korea Corporation