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Austria’s exports at a new record high

22. March 2016

The value of imported and exported goods each totalled more than EUR 130 billion in 2015, reducing Austria’s trade deficit to EUR 1.45 billion.

As the preliminary 2015 data from Statistics Austria shows, exports from Austria turned in another record performance in the face of difficult economic conditions, with exports of goods increasing by 2.7% to an all-time high of EUR 131.55 billion.

The total value of goods imported into Austria in 2015 was EUR 133 billion, also up 2.4% on last year. The foreign trade gap has thus narrowed to EUR 1.45 billion (down from EUR 1.74 billion in 2014).

In 2015, approximately 70% of Austria’s foreign trade was conducted with member states of the European Union. Austria’s largest trading partner is by some margin Germany, with the USA taking second place ahead of Italy, Switzerland, France and the Czech Republic.

More than 80% of Austria’s exports were in the four largest product groups by value: ‘machinery and transport equipment’ (+ 4.4% to EUR 52.2 billion), ‘processed goods’ (+ 3.1% to EUR 29 billion), ‘chemical products’ (+ 0.7% to EUR 17.9 billion) and ‘other manufactured goods’ (+ 2.4% to EUR 15.2 billion).