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Innovative techniques from Austria are revolutionising water quality monitoring

23. August 2016

Technology that measures bacterial water contamination has won a highly prestigious award at ‘Singapore International Water Week 2016’.

Developed by the Vienna-based start-up VWM GmbH – Vienna Water Monitoring Solutions (VWM) , ColiMinder® is a pioneering technology that can measure the bacterial load of water quickly and reliably. Now, a jury at Singapore International Water Week – the world’s leading water management trade fair – has chosen VWM as the winner of its ‘Innovation Competition. It’s the second award the company has notched up recently: at the beginning of the year it also won the innovation prize at the 2016 International Water Summit (IWS) in Abu Dhabi.

The ColiMinder® allows the bacterial load of water to be analysed efficiently and expediently. In contrast to conventional methods, ColiMinder®’s technology is based on the exact measurement of specific metabolic processes that make it possible to identify four important microbiological parameters: the levels of E. coli bacteria, coliform bacteria and enterococcus, along with the total bacteria count, which is especially important in process and cooling water systems, for example in industry and food processing. The technique’s great advantage over traditional laboratory methods is that the results are available within just 15 minutes.

For the first time, VWM’s technology also makes it possible for the bacterial load of water to be used as an ‘online parameter’ in process control, automation and monitoring. This not only means greater peace of mind for consumers, it also promises potential cost savings of up to 50% in water treatment processes.