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Austria’s wine exports are booming  

18. April 2017

Despite the slightly smaller harvests of recent years, Austria’s wine producers are once again celebrating record exports.

Wine from Austria has never been so popular. According to the Austrian Wine Marketing Board , wine export revenue hit a new record level of nearly EUR 148 million in 2016. Though the last years have seen some smaller harvests, total export revenue has nonetheless increased by EUR 4.5 million – a rise of 3%. High-end bottled wines have made a particularly important contribution to the positive results, with exports of quality white wines up by over EUR 6 million.

The average export price was EUR 3.05 Euro per litre. In the past decade Austria’s wine exports have therefore undergone a shift towards adding value and constantly improving quality.

Markets outside the European Union (EU) are primarily responsible for the encouraging growth in wine exports, with Switzerland (including Liechtenstein), the USA, Norway, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia leading the way. Up nearly 12%, exports to the USA surpassed the EUR 12 million mark for the first time. Export of quality wines to Germany also grew by 10%. Among other EU countries, wine exports to Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark, Slovakia, Poland and Ireland were also all up significantly.