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Vibration protection from Austria for the Eiffel Tower

26. September 2017

A wind turbine on the first level of the Eiffel Tower is to supply the French landmark with electricity – and Austria’s Getzner has supplied the elastic materials upon which the turbine is installed.

The electricity required to power the Eiffel Tower is generated in part from renewable sources: as part of Paris’ energy and climate strategy, the tower’s operating company had a wind turbine generator constructed at a height of 127 metres above the city to convert wind energy into power. The turbine, which is approximately 7 metres high, is installed on a metal base that stands on the roof of the restaurant.

To prevent vibrations and structural noise from being transmitted to the restaurant premises, the base has been installed on sections of Sylodyn. This material, developed and manufactured by Getzner in Austria, minimises vibrations and oscillation at source. A suitable solution had been developed in advance, based on detailed calculations made by Getzner’s engineers, and the company was on site during the installation to make sure everything went according to plan.

Getzner Werkstoffe is a leading specialist for vibration prevention and shockproofing. Its solutions use products that are manufactured and developed in-house and these are deployed in the rail transport, construction and industrial sectors. The materials minimise vibration and noise while extending the lifespan of components that have been installed, thereby reducing servicing and maintenance costs.

Getzner’s 380 staff recorded a turnover of EUR 80 million in 2016, with an export ratio of some 90%. In addition to its facilities in Austria and Germany, it also has offices in China, France, India, Japan, Jordan and the USA. In total, Getzner products are marketed by its partners in some 35 countries.