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Austria to become domicile of the UN Initiative Renewable Energy for All

26. February 2013

The fact that Vienna will house the office of the UN initiative “Renewable Energy for All” is a trailblazer for Austria’s leading role in renewable energies.

Austria’s forerunner role and know-how within environmental technology is internationally in demand.

With the Austrian long-term vision “Energy Autarky for Austria in 2050” a total solution has been elaborated. The aim is to obtain an extensive and sustainable greening (Ökologisierung) of Austria’s economic and environmental systems. Until 2050 Austria strives to push back completely the fossil energy. The three most important strategies to achieve this goal are: renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and energy saving.

And with the growth of environmental technology comes the development of green jobs.

In 2010 the master plan “green jobs” was initiated. The main goal of this master plan is to increase the number of green jobs to approx. 285.000 until 2020. “At present already 210.000 persons are employed in the environmental sector – every 20th working position in Austria is a green job”, said Environmental Minister Berlakovich. The sector of renewable energies is the engine of this dynamic development.

The total turnover of the environmental economies is approx. 34 billion Euros, and renewable energies account for one third. “Austria must become independent of expensive energy imports. Energy autarky brings advantages to the environment, the human being and the economy”, said Environmental Minister Berlakovich in a press clipping from the online Magazin  Österreich Journal edition 111/2012.