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Austrian e-government celebrates another milestone

18. March 2013

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the online platforms RIS and

Austria is one of the foremost pioneers in the world concerning the invention and implementation of e-government instruments. E-government combines different kinds of services related to legal and tax handling through the internet. The goal is to increase the effectiveness as well as giving companies and households the possibility of saving resources and time. Assisting tools are therefore essential to ease the progress of an effective use.
Since their funding in 1997, the online guidelines enjoy high popularity among companies as well as citizens. According to statistics, more than nine million sessions were held in HELP.gv .at in the year of 2012. Starting out with electronic application forms only, is now offering more than 1.000 forms online.

One of the many achievements by RIS was the introduction of the free RIS:App in April 2012, making the online platform more mobile and accessible. By August 2012, it was listed in the top 10 of the most popular iTunes Apps surpassing “Wikipedia mobile”. Austrian e-government continues to work on more transparency and more innovating tools, promising another year of surprisingly ingenious.