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Austrian furniture - what are the defining trends for 2015?

9. February 2015

The developments that shape our society are reflected in the way we live and furnish our homes

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle that characterises the world we live in, we long for time and space to enjoy some peace and tranquillity. The home is playing an increasingly important role as a place of retreat. Thus it is a place that needs to be made as cosy as possible. Be it lounge chairs, cushion-laden sofas or cosy seating designs in the living room, a homely sitting area in the kitchen, a box-spring bed in the bedroom, a spa-like oasis in the bathroom or a sun lounger on the balcony outside – comfort and well-being are a major new focus. Every room is being transformed into a haven of relaxation, with the various areas of the home increasingly merging together, no longer delineated by their functions.

The kitchen as the centre of the home
Most notably, the kitchen is becoming a focal point where family and friends come together. The overarching idea is to make the kitchen as comfortable as the living room. Technical features such as height-adjustable work tops, organiser systems and sound modules make cooking and housework easy and turn the kitchen into a feel-good part of the home.

Customised furniture
The range of furniture on offer is so diverse that standardised models barely exist anymore. Individuality is right on trend, as is evident from the way furniture is increasingly being tailored to individual needs. 

Natural and durable
The rapid shift towards digital technology is increasing demand for authenticity, naturalness and originality. At home we are particularly inclined to surround ourselves with things that are authentic and tell a story. Untreated wood, thoroughly tanned leather or textiles made of elegant wool and silk, accompanied by glass or ceramic, are all popular choices. This 'natural living' trend goes hand in hand with a desire for quality and durability. What the market wants is furniture crafted by experts that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Technology and convenience
The general trend is towards networking the devices used in the dining room, living room or bedroom so that they can be controlled from a smartphone. Sofas and other upholstered furniture will also be presented in 2015 with a number of enhanced functions to ensure ultimate relaxation. Today, televisions and home entertainment systems can be cleverly connected to other devices. More and more sofas are being fitted with concealed ports for devices such as MP3 players and smartphones.

Colour trends in 2015
2015 will be characterised by vibrant colours such as red, pink, violet, orange and yellow, contrasted with light turquoise or various shades of blue. These colours can also be combined with paler pastel colours such as sky blue, sage, mustard, salmon pink or beige for a more subtle look. Shades of white, ranging from chalk to cream, also go well with black. Two of last year's colours – green and grey – will continue to play a part in 2015, but this time they are blended to produce tones such as slate green, seaweed and lime. A dark shade of red or light azure will create a great contrast. An array of natural colours will also once again be in demand this year. Metallic colours will provide accents, with new tones of bronze, silver and gold.

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