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Austrian companies ahead in wind power business

Logo Bachmann electronics GmbH
29. March 2011

The Austrian high-tech company Bachmann electronics delivers control systems for every second new built wind turbine worldwide

This March the annual conference of the EWEA - Europe’s premier wind energy event - took place in Brussels. More than 5.500 participants were registered and Austria was strongly represented. Around 120 Austrian companies are sub-suppliers for the global wind power industry. Last year they achieved an export volume of 470 million Euro. The companies are mainly specialised in design, generators, raw materials and controllers. When it comes to controllers for wind turbines Austria is a world leader.
Bachmann electronics is sub-supplier for several Danish companies that all market their products in the global wind turbine segment. Bachmann electronic usually supplies on a component basis within the M1 controller serial. Furthermore the company is delivering niche products and provides solutions for special orders in the development of software. In Denmark Bachmann electronics supplies the M1 system to the following companies:
LM Windpower , the world largest supplier of wings
KK-electronics A/S , one of Denmark’s oldest players within solutions for complete controller systems
Spica Technology ApS , a young company that supplies different solutions starting from complete wind turbine controllers up to meteorology stations
Sulzon Denmark A/S , a company among the largest producers of wind turbines worldwide. 
Futhermore Bachmann will be sub-supplier for many up starting companies in Denmark like ChapDrive and the American FloDesign Wind Turbine Denmark ApS . The AAU uses the M1 system in connection with master projects.