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Brodmann Piano in Denmark 

25. June 2010

Pianos from the famous Austrian company Joseph Brodmann Piano Group are now available in Denmark. Bach Klaver & Flygler represents the company in the Nordic countries  

The music house Bach Klaver & Flygler in Bredgade, Copenhagen has entered into a cooperation with the famous Austrian company Joseph Brodmann Piano Group and will represent the company in the Nordic countries.

Manager Henrik Freiesleben Bach who has been with the music house in Bredgade for the last 30 years is very pleased about the new cooperation. The Austrian Brodmann pianos are not just ordinary music instruments. They date back to the end of the 18th century – when Vienna was the centre of the musical world and composers like Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert spent long periods in the city.

World famous musicians, composers and conductors such as Carl Maria von Weber purchased Brodmann pianos. In a letter to his brother von Weber euphorically praised his new Brodmann piano indicating it was the best piano he had ever played.

The founder of the company was Joseph Brodmann. He lived at the same time as the famous composers and was considered the first and the most famous piano designer and craftsman of his time.

On the 24th June 2010 the new cooperation between the Joseph Brodmann Piano Group and Bach Klaver & Flygler was celebrated with an afternoon concert in the Bach music house in Bredgade. The brilliant concert pianist Ms Katrine Gislinge played classical pieces of music composed by Chopin and Debussy on a Brodmann piano.

At the concert Mr. Christian Höferl, manager and owner of the Jospeh Brodmann Piano Group in Vienna, told the history of the music house Brodmann and of the special handcraft needed to assemble the more than 5.000 single items of a Brodmann piano.