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Creative Industries Webinar – The Power of Food

9. March 2018

As part of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA’s Creative Industries Webinar Series, Copenhagen based creative agency Sweet Sneak Studio offered insights into the power of food and multi-sensory marketing communication.

Can the brand of an interior design company be sensed by tongue? Are Raw Bites suited for Valentine's greetings? And is it possible, with start-up spirit and lack of sleep, to build a Copenhagen pop-up bakery into a successful start-up where biscuit multinationals seek inspiration and innovation? 3 x "yes" was the answer during the second episode of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA’s Creative Industries Webinar Series, organized in cooperation with Creative Industries Austria (KAT) . Broadcasted live from Sweet Sneak Studio in Copenhagen’s hipster district Vesterbro, Austrian creative entrepreneurs learned about the Danish market, which is a true innovation hotspot thanks to its openness to new solutions. Commercial Counsellor Cosima Steiner explained the importance placed on the Creative Industries in Copenhagen and described how Danes tick in their day-to-day business. Brini Fetz and Theresa Blank, co-founders of Sweet Sneak, offered insights into the business model of their innovative start-up and how they have grown from a pop-up bakery to a creative agency with renowned clients such as Ikea, Bahlsen or Normann Copenhagen. Sweet Sneak creates multi-sensory experiences for businesses – the more the senses are addressed in brand communication, the more effective the measures. Sweet Sneak transforms the image and brand of a company into smell, taste and audio-visual stimuli. This arouses feelings and memories in the brain and emotionally charges the brand of a company and thus, among other things, leads to stronger brand loyalty.

The webinar was recorded, you can find it on our Youtube Channel .