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Denmark to amend exit tax rules

29. January 2013

According to a press release the European Commission asks Denmark to amend exit tax rulesTaxation.

The European Commission has formally requested that Denmark amend its rules which apply an exit tax to shares held by individuals when leaving the country. When a person leaves Denmark to take up residence in another Member State, the gain made on his/her portfolio of shares is calculated and taxed. This tax is then collected from the individual either when the shares from his/her portfolio are sold, or when he/she receives dividends or other types of income from these shares. The Commission considers that the Danish tax rules go beyond what is needed to prevent tax evasion and breach the free movement of people and capital set out in the Treaties. Consequently, Denmark is requested to change its legislation within two months to bring it in line with EU law. Failing this, the European Commission may refer the case before the EU's Court of Justice.  For more information please visit the related links below.