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Self-sufficiency in regards of energy meets immense interest 

Green forest © K.

© K.

3. February 2010

The response to a support program initiated by the Austrian “Klima- und Energiefonds” of the Austrian Ministry of the Environment six months ago was enormous.
More than 46 Austrian regions applied.

The support program is targeted to all Austrian municipalities and regions that want to benefit from their potential for more energy efficiency and already existing, natural resources. The aim of the program is to support new model regions with their foundation and with their development towards self-sufficiency in regards of energy. The European Centre for Renewable Energy in Güssing welcomes this initiative and acted as a consultant for several of the applying regions.

The Austrian region Pyhrn-Priel ist among the projects: nine municipalities of this region have entered into a climate alliance to phase out the use of fossil fuel and create new green jobs. This alliance was adopted without counterparts in all of the nine regional parliaments. A contribution of 60.000 Euro will be granted by the “Klima und Energiefonds” within the new support program. The climate alliance itself will have to contribute with more than 20.000 Euro. A strong focus will be on the generation of energy from wood of the regional forests making up 50% of the area. Solar- and water power will be used too, but no wind power because of landscape protection.