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Energy Globe Award For Denmark

15. May 2012

The Danish company Cenergia Energy won the Energy Globe Award with its project “The first zero energy housing renovation project in Denmark” in cooperation with the VELUX Group. Peder Vejsig Pedersen, the manager of Cenergia Energy, received the award on the 8th of May in a festive ceremony at the Advantage Austria office in Copenhagen.

The winners from Denmark were the Cenergia Energy consultants, who are specialists in the field of renewable energy concepts. In 2009/2010 a part of the city consisting of social housings was renovated with this concept. Due to the use of good insulated prefabricated materials the houses were brought to passive house standards and the residents could stay in their flats during the process. On account of the renovation the houses are independent of supplies from the Danish power system - solar energy, heat pump and heat recovery are part of the concept.

During the next week the national Energy Globe Awards will be awarded by the Advantage Austria offices all over the world. On the UN World Environment Day on the 5th of June Energy Global will present the national winning projects. Also everyone can do an online Energy Efficiency Check for free to see the potential of saving energy and using solar energy. The worldwide potential energy savings will be updated on the homepage along with the private calculated savings. How much energy can be saved? Check out the Online Action Day to find out .