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Güssing energy self-sufficient

9. September 2011

The village of Güssing, located in the southern area of Burgenland, acquired itself the status as a role model in renewable energy use in the last decade.

Güssing was used to be an economically underdeveloped area with a lack of infrastructure and job options. For Güssing the success story started with the simple fact, that the surrounding forests were farmed, but huge amounts of usable wood decomposed without being used. Local people, who were aware of the problem, started to run a district heating station in Güssing. The energy could supply 6 households with heat.

With the finger on the right spot of the issue and the knowledge about the results, the commune started another project. A bigger district heating station was set up in Güssing, so more houses could be supplied by energy from the local energy station. At the point when the success was obvious, the federal government started to support the village with subsidies. Nowadays the district heating system is supplied with wood waste within an area of 40km. The 3764 residents in Güssing are independent from energy-providers. Electricity, that´s produced in the biomass power station as well as through the photo-voltaic panel, is in fed to the local energy-net.

The researcher at the European Centre for Renewable Energy in Güssing developed a factory, that combines different renewable energy producing methods. The goal is to demonstrate a central energy production location with four products at the location of the existing demonstrator plant in Güssing.

Besides the fact, that the energy project turned out to be a success, additionally 50 companies settled down in the area in the last decade and more than 1000 new jobs grew. The local high school is offering a unique education. With the solar-installer-training the city of Güssing generates their qualified employees of the future and gives them an opportunity to work in the area.

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